A Gamer’s Take on Killer Guide’s Wildstar Online Leveling Guide


Gamers everywhere know that a good guide can be invaluable, but sometimes guides don’t always live up to the hype. Killer Guides has released their unofficial Wildstar Online Leveling Guide, and they make a lot of promises made like helping you level to 50 in 7 days as well as become one of the best at PVP.
Naturally, a guide that makes all these bold promises would make a gamer like me skeptical. I’ve made the mistake of buying guides that didn’t live up to the hype in the past and didn’t want to make the same mistake again. So I decided to do a little checking, and this review is to tell you what I found.

First Impressions
The first thing I found was that Killer Guides has a great reputation with other gamers, and since I’d never tried their guides before, I asked a friend for his take on their guides. He told me that the best part about their guides is that they’re written by gamers like you and I. It’s like having those gamers sitting beside you sharing their knowledge of what works best in Wildstar Online and what doesn’t while you’re playing. Ok, so far I was a little impressed.

Another thing that I noticed is that there is a lot of good information packed into those 80 pages. That same friend let me look through his as sort of a preview, and I found that they really do have everything covered when it comes to leveling a character in Wildstar Online.

wildstar leveling guide cover from killerguides

Just like they promise, the guide gave me a lot of advice for leveling a character to 50 in 7 days, and the best part of it was that it didn’t matter what type of class or race I decided to play. The guide covers all of them and allows players insight into what actually helps level a character faster and what will slow it down. Think of it as taking the grinding part out of working your way up to the top levels, and getting the best gear for your class.

Newbie Friendly
I have to admit that when I first started playing Wildstar Online, I wasn’t sure about how of some of the game’s features worked. I’m certainly not a newbie when it comes to MMOs, but some of the features in the game were still new to me. However, this guide has a section that will walk you through every feature. That’s also one of the things that impressed me most about this leveling compendium.

Since it’s written by hardcore gamers, I expected it to be written specifically for the same kind of gamers. It’s not. It was written for players of all experience levels from newbie to hardcore, and breaks things down in a way that any gamer can understand. Personally, I would have like a few more pictures in the guide to help explain some of the advice, but the guide works just as well without them.

There are few things more satisfying than beating another player or group of players, and this guide has some great advice that helped me do that. It goes pretty in-depth into all the aspects of PVP including how to get my win ratio higher. The tips offer advice on what gear to look for at key levels as well as the best ways to time different attacks. I even found tips for ways to get though even the worst class match-ups.

Sometimes every gamer just needs a little downtime and a place to call their own in the game, and I was a little surprised to find a section on housing in a leveling guide. That surprise turned into admiration when I started going through the section, and found that they explain everything from the housing interface to what items are worth buying, or how to push the housing boundaries. It’s all explained in such a way that I can let my creativity run away with me and have the kind of gamer’s home I can be proud to call mine.

Final Thoughts
In case you were wondering, I did take the plunge and bought my own guide. With a 60-day money back guarantee and free updates, I figured it was worth the investment especially since the guide had already impressed me. I had already been playing the game for a while when I learned about this guide, and I’m glad I found it. My gaming experience in Wildstar Online has gotten even better, and while I may not be rushing to hit level 50, I’m having a great time along the way.

If you’re playing Wildstar Online and want to get the most out of your playing time, I definitely believe this book here is worth checking out. Like my friend pointed out, it really is like having a group of experienced gamers there in the room with you, offering friendly advice on the best ways to level, while you’re playing.

Stalker DPS Build: Skills You Should Use


For something more in-depth on the WildStar Stalker than the article below, I strongly recommend getting this guide walkthrough. So far, it is the best leveling guide and walkthrough I have found. This saved me from researching by myself and thus giving me more time for gaming.

The stalker class in WildStar make you feel like a ninja as it can use a combination of stealth, fast moving tactics, and hard hitting damage to mow over the enemies. It is easy for the Stalker to slay an enemy within a second. What you need to do is executing skills that could coordinate well with stealth. The key to dps stalker is to sneak up and perform a surprise attack. Below are skills that the DPS stalker should consider.

wildstar online stalker

Assault Skills:

Shred is an awesome ability that will deal damage three times up to five enemies. Yes that is right, you can triple your damage in one fell swoop.

Do you have a Tech enemy though? Then Ruin is the skill that you should use. It deals tech damage over time, up to five enemies for up to five seconds.

Now one skill that you can use for the wildstar stalker class build and it will not even break your stealth. Analyze Weakness will allow you to mark up to fifteen enemies and deal extra damage when those enemies are attacked.

Phlebotomize is another great skill you can use that will not compromise your stealth. It will deal damage to your enemy while lowering his healing efficiency by up to 50%.

Utility Skills:

Tactical Retreat is a great skill that utilizes stalker’s stealth abilities. You perform a backflip and activate stealth mode. This can put you back into a tactical advantage against your foes.

The next skill is Blood thirst. You steal half of the damage you deal and gain it back as stealth. You can utilize this with some of the others and be gaining health while dealing damage. Time your attacks right and you can wreak havoc on your enemies.

Preparation is another great skill. It allows you to recharge your suit power over time. It goes further and gives you a defense and health buff. What can be better than preparing for your next attack while preparing for your opponents next attack.

Speaking of buffs, the Stim Drone can be summoned to heal the player while also buffing your overall health.

These are just some of the skills that you can use being a dps stalker. However, the best way to maximise dps stalker is to execute skills at the right place and right time. This is what you need to practice it yourself.

For something more in-depth on the WildStar Stalker than the article above, I strongly recommend getting this guide walkthrough. So far, it is the best leveling guide and walkthrough I have found. This saved me from researching by myself and thus giving me more time for gaming.