WildStar Stalker Class Overview


Stalkers are shadowy assassins who use cunning and surprise to terrorize their foes along with acrobatic skill and agility to stay alive.

Eligible Races

Stalkers need to be nimble and quiet. They can be played by Humans, Aurin, and Mordresh for the Exiles and Cassians, Mechari, and Draken for the Dominion.

Weapons and Armor

Stalkers are engineered killers that utilize a combination of medium armor, claws, nano-skin and devices to their advantage.

All stalkers are outfitted with sharp claws to rend and backstab enemies, and it forms the basis for the majority of their melee attacks. Devices are things such as mines, darts, and spikes that can be set in place to neutralize enemies. These aren’t simply damage dealing devices, as many have a good amount of utility as well. There’s a device called Tether Mine that Stalkers can use chain an enemy in place. Stalkers also have nano-skin that enables complete invisibility, allowing the stalker to get the jump on unsuspecting prey.

WildStar Stalker Class Overview

Ability Resources

Stalkers use Suit Power as their resource. Suit Power will start at full but will quickly be used to power devastating burst abilities. It recharges steadily over time both in and out of battle.

Ability trees

Assault will be the Stalker’s go to damage dealing tree, while Support will feature plenty of tanking abilities to choose from. Utility has some great options for crowd control.


Shred – Level 1 – Quickly deals physical damage to enemies

Impale – Level 2 – Deals physical damage to an enemy. The damage is increased if behind the enemy or stealthed

Analyze Weakness – Level 4 – Mark enemies for a short duration that will cause them to take extra technology damage from the next hit they receive by you

Ruin – Level 6 – Deals direct technology damage to enemies and then additional damage over time

Cripple – Level 11 – Stackable ability that deals physical damage while snaring enemies

Neutralize – Level 13 – Deals technology damage to enemies. If ability is used multiple times quickly, the Suit Power cost is increased unless stealthed

Punish – Level 15 – Deals physical damage to enemies while regenerating Suit Power if it is low after landing a critical hit

Phlebotomize – Level 18 – Deals technology damage to an enemy while reducing their incoming healing

Clone – Level 20 – Creates a clone that deals physical damage over time and will snare out of range enemies

Concussive Kicks – Level 24 – Deals physical damage twice to enemies


Nano Field – Level 6 – Deals technology damage over time while healing you for a portion of the damage done. This ability reduces damage taken if used while stealthed.

Reaver – Level 9 – Deals physical damage to and taunts enemies

Whiplash – Level 9 – Deals technology damage to enemies while generating threat

Razor Disk – Level 11 – Deals technology damage to enemies while reducing their armor

Nano Virus – Level 15 – Deals technology damage to enemies while increasing your deflect chance

Decimate – Level 18 – Deals physical damage to enemies that reduces their Assault and Support power

Amplification Spike – Level 20 – Increases the deflect chance of nearby allies

Frenzy – Level 21 – Deals physical damage over time while generating threat

Steadfast – Level 27 – Increases your deflect chance while restoring Suit Power. This ability is useable after successfully deflecting an attack

Nano Dart – Level 31 – Deals technology damage to enemies while regaining a portion of the damage done as health

WildStar Stalker Class Overview


Stagger – Level 3 – Deals physical damage to enemies while stunning them

False Retreat – Level 6 – Drop a marker that you can jump to later on in the battle. Once you jump to the marker, it knockbacks all foes you jump through

Pounce – Level 9 – Leap forward to an enemy to deal physical damage and snare them

Tether Mine- Level 13 – Creates a mine that will tether the first enemy that walks into it

Tactical Retreat – Level 15 – Flip backward while dropping threat and activating stealth

Bloodthirst – Level 20 – Grant a buff to you and four party members that will funnel a portion of damage done back to them as health

Stim Drone – Level 21 – Restores health while increasing your total amount of health

Collapse – Level 24 – Deal physical damage while pulling enemies toward you

Razor Storm – Level 27 – Deal technology damage to enemies while Intimidating them

Preparation – Level 31 –Generate additional Suit Power over time while increasing Critical Strike Chance and Crit Severity


DPS Stalkers will want to get Brutality for their Assault tree, as well as Finesse for Strikethrough and Moxie for Crit Chance/Severity. Tanking Stalkers, on the other hand, will want to get Technology for their Support tree with Grit, which increases health points, and Insight, which increases deflection, as secondaries.