Gameplay Guide for the Wildstar Stalker


Gameplay Guide for the Wildstar Stalker

The Stalker is a unique character class in Wildstar Online. The character does not have any ranged weapons, and instead focuses on the use of “claws”. These claws can be of varying lengths, and can have different effects. The character can be played similar to an assassin in other games, but does not have to be played in that manner. The Stalker is not fully comparable to another character class in another game, but does have some overlap in the job that the character can fill in a party. The two main jobs this character can fill in a party are damage dealer or tank.

The first way to use this character is as a damage dealer. This character has a high damage per second (DPS) ratio in upper levels. This allows for him to be the primary damage dealer in a party. If you add back up support characters which are increasing his ability and healing him, he can do a significant amount of damage and help a party achieve victory. The key to building a character in this way is to focus on damage dealing skills and abilities. Also, it is important to have a party where everyone understands the role that each person should be playing.

The second way to use this character is as a tank. A tank is the character that can inflict some damage, but his primary purpose is to absorb the enemies damage, so that those characters with high DPS can continue to attack the enemy. These characters are great at this because they deal with up close damage, and they can be built in such a way that they have quite of bit of HP and high defense skills. A character in this role will need support characters prolonging his life for as long as possible.

It may be possible to blend these two roles into one for solo play. This would allow for the character to do some questing by himself. This character played in this way would be less effective in either role, but he would be more flexible over all. Playing the character in this third way would be more difficult and is probably a better idea for more experienced players. This class has a unique twist, and would be really fun to play. The flexibility of the class allows it to be used in the two ways mentioned above.