Get the Right WildStar Guide for Your Stalker


With all of the WildStar guides out there claiming to help you level quickly, it can be a task in and of itself sorting through the reviews to determine the best. After taking this quest upon myself, I have ranked the top two guides for your perusal. Each one underwent testing based on its level of detail, currency, advanced strategies, newbie-friendliness, cost, and layout. From beginning game to end game, these guides save you the hassle of the back and forth of grinding as well as the hours of research needed to figure out what your end game build should be.

Unofficial WildStar Leveling Guide by KillerGuideswildstar leveling guide cover from killerguides
Ranked number 1 for a reason, this all-in-one guide was written by top MMO experts and contains everything you need to know about the different facets of WildStar Online. Its leveling suggestions follow both the Exile and the Dominion, leading you toward the fastest route to reach level cap with detailed walkthrough. No matter what class you choose, the best builds are listed in detail. The only minor issue I had was the housing section was not as detailed as I had hoped.

Aside from personal builds, the guide walks you through every dungeon, giving you a look at the strategies necessary to down every mobs and bosses. At the low price of $35, it is a steal and will suffice the newest of new and the most veteran of veterans. The layout is an added bonus in that it is very easy to find your way around, so if you need to reference different items within one chapter, they are incredibly easy to find.

WildStar Leveling Guidewildstarguide-net cover
Written by one expert gamer, this second guide is not as thorough as the first one if only due to the limitations of one person writing an entire guide on an MMORPG. It provides an efficient leveling guide for both the Exiles and the Dominion as well as strong builds for all six classes. Though similar to the first, its guides regarding paths and crafting are phenomenal. The paths guide offers a various efficient leveling strategies for all four paths while the crafting section shows you what to get and where to find it, foregoing yet another grind.

A little pricier at $37, this WildStar guide is a strong source for more end game material and because of this, is less user friendly for casual players or newbies. Its format also leaves a bit to be desired as the leveling guide and build guide can get a little confusing through overlap of information.

Whether you’re looking for an all-around solid guide, a guide full of end game material, or a starting point, these guides could be a good choice for you. The first one from KillerGuides, in my opinion, is the best and most solid for every type of gamer wanting to approach the game from every different direction. However, the second one from also provide great detailed and accurate areas on game play. Each guide will also update as patches are released in order to ensure the information inside remains up to date.