Does Choice of Path Affect Stalker Class Gameplay?


Stalkers are one of the trickiest classes to get right. Yes, you can be invisible and can pull off great assassinations. The array of sneaky weapons available as a Stalker includes stealth, holoprojection, martial art, poisons, quick kills, and much more. Many people wonder, however, if choosing a path will seriously affect the game play style of the Stalker.

It really depends on the path that you choose. The best fit for the Stalker is, naturally, the Soldier. Soldiers focus on fighting, conquering, and defeating enemies. The martial arts skills of the Stalker as well as its assassination skills make it perfect for this class.

In fact, one of the subset jobs for the Soldier is Assassination! Picking the Soldier path isn’t likely to seriously affect the way you play with the Stalker. However, there are three other paths to consider and these paths have the potential to change your game play style in big ways.

Does Choice of Path Affect Stalker Class Gameplay? The Explorer path has the potential to really change the game play style of the Stalker. It will completely pull away the Stalker focus on assassination, martial arts, and combat and force you into a whole new role that might not suit your previous gaming style. The nice thing about the Stalker is that its stealth abilities really play well into the Explorer class. You can sneak behind enemy lines and make claims to properties without them even knowing!

The Settler path may seem like an ill-fit for the Stalker, but it can work with careful adjustments in game play style. You’re going to focus more on building up towns, taking land, and expanding your influence. Your stealth works wonder in this role while your martial arts and fighting skills work well for civil defense. However, your work physical strength and poor building skills make the Settler a hard path to settle into for the Stalker.

Last, but not least, is the Scientist path. This path is perhaps the most difficult for the Stalker and is one that will change your game play the most. The jobs of analysis and mastering various scientific abilities does not suit any of the strengths of the Stalker. Although some players do enjoy a Stalker scientist, its perhaps best advised to stay away from this path. It will require too much stat building against the natural grain and abilities of the Stalker and can nearly ruin your game.

Playing a Stalker Tank in Wildstar Online


The Stalker is a truly unique class in the world of MMOs. It’s a stealth based class, which most seasoned MMO players would expect to be a standard damage dealer, but in WildStar, the Stalker can also be a highly effective tank. Those fancy claws you’re wearing? They’ve never been more fun.

Unlike other tanking classes which focus on damage mitigation, Stalkers focus on evasion– in other words, they won’t take as many hits as your average bulky warrior, because they’re going to dodge most of them instead. Stalkers are somewhat prone to damage spikes because they’re wearing medium armor, so as a stalker tank, you’ll want to stay on your toes. Fortunately one of this class’s many tricks is access to self-heals to help offset this, and that’s just scratching the surface. If you’re looking for an unconventional tank with a unique playstyle (and some classy nanoarmor to top it off), then this might just be the class for you.

Let’s take a look at the sort of tools that a stalker tank would be using. We’ll start with the basics: a tanking stance. Stalkers come with three stances (or types of Nano Skin as the game calls them), and the evasive stance is the one you’ll be using as a tank. The evasive stance ups the Stalker’s damage deflection as well as threat generation to ensure that the enemy is attacking the Stalker, and not their party members, at all times. This stance also reduces the Stalker’s damage output a bit, but remember: as a tank, your job isn’t to dish it out, just to take it!

Once your Stalker is in evasive stance, you’ve got plenty of tools to make sure that the enemy remains focused on you. These include Whiplash, which increases threat as well as dealing damage, and Reaver, which taunts the enemy, forcing it to attack you and only you– useful for when you’ve got allies that the enemy wants to devour.

Things are starting to look dicey? Not a problem. Activate Nanofield, which heals you for 75% of the damage you deal. Still need a quick escape? False Retreat allows you to leap back out of the action for a while, and then jump right back to where you started when you’re ready.

Playing a Stalker Tank in Wildstar Online

With deadly claws, access to stealth, a Nanosuit, and all sorts of utility, Stalkers make for a refreshing and fascinating tank. Tired of hitting the same old things with the same old sword? Give a Stalker a try and make tanking fun again!

Gear for the Wildstar Online Stalker Class


Wildstar Online’s Stalker class has all the stealth of a ninja, and the melee damage capacity of an enraged honey badger. In order to make sure that the Stalker does the most damage possible, while avoiding taking as many hits as can be, it’s important to make sure that all the character’s gear is optimized and that they’re focused in the correct area.

A Bare Bones Itemization

As far as gear goes, Stalkers are very simple characters to play. The only weapons they use are their claws, and they’re capable of wearing medium armor. Getting the most protection is ideal, since Stalkers do all of their work up close and in melee, and any items that enhance the amount of damage or the percentage for critical hits will also be ideal. Beyond these simple needs though, the Stalker’s own nano suit and host of gadgets will allow players to hold their own.

Gear for the Wildstar Online Stalker Class

Skin and Bones

The Nano Suit that a Stalker wears, also called skin, provides them a great deal of abilities. While invisibility is one of the handier ones, it also makes them harder to hurt, boosts their health, and can turn them into super-powered killing machines for a short period of time. Timing is everything with the Nano Suit, as the abilities can drain power quickly and they aren’t meant for long-term engagements. Stalkers need to get in, hack and slash their enemies to ribbons, and then get out again before their suits run out of power.


The Stalker’s other ability is a host of devices that look and act like something out of Batman’s utility belt. Anchoring devices hold enemies in place, while others create a stunning effect or nets slow enemies to leave them open to have their flanks filleted into small, savory pieces. While these devices are useful for Stalkers who want to keep their enemies in one place before they start cutting, they’re also extremely useful as a method of retreat because once the big bads run into them, the devices can buy the Stalker time to get away. This gives the Stalker time to heal up, refresh his or her power pool, and then sneak back to attack from a different direction while the enemy is alone and unsuspecting. It isn’t terribly honorable, but when it’s one Stalker against a horde of bad guys it’s important to use every, possible advantage to win.

Gameplay Guide for the Wildstar Stalker


Gameplay Guide for the Wildstar Stalker

The Stalker is a unique character class in Wildstar Online. The character does not have any ranged weapons, and instead focuses on the use of “claws”. These claws can be of varying lengths, and can have different effects. The character can be played similar to an assassin in other games, but does not have to be played in that manner. The Stalker is not fully comparable to another character class in another game, but does have some overlap in the job that the character can fill in a party. The two main jobs this character can fill in a party are damage dealer or tank.

The first way to use this character is as a damage dealer. This character has a high damage per second (DPS) ratio in upper levels. This allows for him to be the primary damage dealer in a party. If you add back up support characters which are increasing his ability and healing him, he can do a significant amount of damage and help a party achieve victory. The key to building a character in this way is to focus on damage dealing skills and abilities. Also, it is important to have a party where everyone understands the role that each person should be playing.

The second way to use this character is as a tank. A tank is the character that can inflict some damage, but his primary purpose is to absorb the enemies damage, so that those characters with high DPS can continue to attack the enemy. These characters are great at this because they deal with up close damage, and they can be built in such a way that they have quite of bit of HP and high defense skills. A character in this role will need support characters prolonging his life for as long as possible.

It may be possible to blend these two roles into one for solo play. This would allow for the character to do some questing by himself. This character played in this way would be less effective in either role, but he would be more flexible over all. Playing the character in this third way would be more difficult and is probably a better idea for more experienced players. This class has a unique twist, and would be really fun to play. The flexibility of the class allows it to be used in the two ways mentioned above.

WildStar Stalker Class Overview


Stalkers are shadowy assassins who use cunning and surprise to terrorize their foes along with acrobatic skill and agility to stay alive.

Eligible Races

Stalkers need to be nimble and quiet. They can be played by Humans, Aurin, and Mordresh for the Exiles and Cassians, Mechari, and Draken for the Dominion.

Weapons and Armor

Stalkers are engineered killers that utilize a combination of medium armor, claws, nano-skin and devices to their advantage.

All stalkers are outfitted with sharp claws to rend and backstab enemies, and it forms the basis for the majority of their melee attacks. Devices are things such as mines, darts, and spikes that can be set in place to neutralize enemies. These aren’t simply damage dealing devices, as many have a good amount of utility as well. There’s a device called Tether Mine that Stalkers can use chain an enemy in place. Stalkers also have nano-skin that enables complete invisibility, allowing the stalker to get the jump on unsuspecting prey.

WildStar Stalker Class Overview

Ability Resources

Stalkers use Suit Power as their resource. Suit Power will start at full but will quickly be used to power devastating burst abilities. It recharges steadily over time both in and out of battle.

Ability trees

Assault will be the Stalker’s go to damage dealing tree, while Support will feature plenty of tanking abilities to choose from. Utility has some great options for crowd control.


Shred – Level 1 – Quickly deals physical damage to enemies

Impale – Level 2 – Deals physical damage to an enemy. The damage is increased if behind the enemy or stealthed

Analyze Weakness – Level 4 – Mark enemies for a short duration that will cause them to take extra technology damage from the next hit they receive by you

Ruin – Level 6 – Deals direct technology damage to enemies and then additional damage over time

Cripple – Level 11 – Stackable ability that deals physical damage while snaring enemies

Neutralize – Level 13 – Deals technology damage to enemies. If ability is used multiple times quickly, the Suit Power cost is increased unless stealthed

Punish – Level 15 – Deals physical damage to enemies while regenerating Suit Power if it is low after landing a critical hit

Phlebotomize – Level 18 – Deals technology damage to an enemy while reducing their incoming healing

Clone – Level 20 – Creates a clone that deals physical damage over time and will snare out of range enemies

Concussive Kicks – Level 24 – Deals physical damage twice to enemies


Nano Field – Level 6 – Deals technology damage over time while healing you for a portion of the damage done. This ability reduces damage taken if used while stealthed.

Reaver – Level 9 – Deals physical damage to and taunts enemies

Whiplash – Level 9 – Deals technology damage to enemies while generating threat

Razor Disk – Level 11 – Deals technology damage to enemies while reducing their armor

Nano Virus – Level 15 – Deals technology damage to enemies while increasing your deflect chance

Decimate – Level 18 – Deals physical damage to enemies that reduces their Assault and Support power

Amplification Spike – Level 20 – Increases the deflect chance of nearby allies

Frenzy – Level 21 – Deals physical damage over time while generating threat

Steadfast – Level 27 – Increases your deflect chance while restoring Suit Power. This ability is useable after successfully deflecting an attack

Nano Dart – Level 31 – Deals technology damage to enemies while regaining a portion of the damage done as health

WildStar Stalker Class Overview


Stagger – Level 3 – Deals physical damage to enemies while stunning them

False Retreat – Level 6 – Drop a marker that you can jump to later on in the battle. Once you jump to the marker, it knockbacks all foes you jump through

Pounce – Level 9 – Leap forward to an enemy to deal physical damage and snare them

Tether Mine- Level 13 – Creates a mine that will tether the first enemy that walks into it

Tactical Retreat – Level 15 – Flip backward while dropping threat and activating stealth

Bloodthirst – Level 20 – Grant a buff to you and four party members that will funnel a portion of damage done back to them as health

Stim Drone – Level 21 – Restores health while increasing your total amount of health

Collapse – Level 24 – Deal physical damage while pulling enemies toward you

Razor Storm – Level 27 – Deal technology damage to enemies while Intimidating them

Preparation – Level 31 –Generate additional Suit Power over time while increasing Critical Strike Chance and Crit Severity


DPS Stalkers will want to get Brutality for their Assault tree, as well as Finesse for Strikethrough and Moxie for Crit Chance/Severity. Tanking Stalkers, on the other hand, will want to get Technology for their Support tree with Grit, which increases health points, and Insight, which increases deflection, as secondaries.